Our Pricing Philosophy

Our affordable flat rate pricing is easy on the budget and helps keep your costs down.

We price our products and services to be competitive in the marketplace. Although you might be able to find a particular product or service occasionally at a lower price, you will never consistently find another company that delivers the same value and reliability as GEEK911. Rest assured that we constantly shop other service providers and adjust our pricing structures to make sure that we are providing an unmatched level of service at a fair price. We have been in business over seven years and continue to expand thanks to the many referrals from our clients. Before making a decision based on price alone, be sure to look at the larger implications such as: future support availability and quality of service from a vendor, hold times when calling vendors, reputation of a vendor and the probability that your vendor will still be in business in the next five years. Companies in the IT business come and go every day, but GEEK911 is here to be your technology partner at your home or office or both. Talk to us and see for yourself.