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When your network crashes in the middle of the night or on weekends or holidays, you don’t want excuses. You want your IT guy there-PRONTO! You want answers and quick.

We’ll be there when you need us. We’ll quickly pinpoint your problem and implement a solution that suits YOUR needs and YOUR budget. Our technicians are qualified and knowledgeable (many with corporate IT experience), so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

It is much cheaper to avoid mistakes than to fix them. That’s why we proactively manage your system. Unfortunately, viruses, angry employees, dust and hackers can wreck havoc with your network. We provide simple remedies before these threats can become complex problems.

Enjoy the network capabilities of a large business on a small business budget
Take advantage of our On-Site Administration program. Businesses sign up for a set number of administration hours per month and we take care of their network administration needs.

Protect your critical business data
New York brokerage firms bounced back quickly after September 11. How did they do it? With off-site data storage. We have partnered with a tier one data vault to deliver affordable off-site backups. The data is encrypted and is unreadable to anyone except the business owner. We set up the system and train the users on-site. The business can then back up their PCs or servers automatically.

Repair damage from viruses
Any business that doesn’t employ virus software is playing Russian Roulette. Networks are constantly bombarded with viruses that can do extensive damage if not caught in time. We can stamp out errant viruses and fix the damage they cause.

Prevention is the key, of course. We’ll help you safeguard your system with the latest anti-virus protection.

Install a network
You started your business in your garage. (Hey, you’re in your good company. Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, and GEEK911 all started out that way 🙂 But now you have several employees, and you’re outgrowing your current computer set-up. We can install a network and get you up and running in no time. You’ll be able to share your high-speed Internet access and printers among all the users. Don’t worry, we also provide training.

Expand your network
You’ve worked hard to build your network. Now you’re ready to take it to the next level. Your new estimating software will really be great, if you can just figure out how your estimators can access it on your network. No problem.

Implement internal security systems
Your server is up and running, but you want to be sure your employees won’t accidentally stumble upon your on-line payroll records. We let you keep focused on your business while we safeguard your sensitive data.

Eliminate spam forever
Twenty percent of the e-mail received by your employees is spam (according to Brightmail Inc, the spam filtering service provider to WorldNet). This boils down to an annual loss of $960 per employee.

Call us toll free 1-866-433-5411 for your business computing, server, networking, cloud storage, and virtualization needs

We know the challenges that small businesses face. Your budget is tight and your time is in short supply. We respect that. Some of our competitors charge a premium to service businesses. We offer a discount. Some of our competitors demand a premium to show up the same day. We don’t, we’re there when you need us.

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