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We become your I.T. department!

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With today’s struggling economy, retaining full-time tech support staff can be quite expensive. But to ensure a productive working environment, you need the reliable service and expertise to recommend preventative measures and troubleshoot hardware and software issues. GEEK911 has the solution—our dependable, full-service managed services plan takes care of all of your technical needs with one easy, efficient point of contact.

Value: We offer affordable, fully customizable support plans to accommodate any budget, saving you thousands of dollars off what you’d typically spend on full-time IT salaries each year.

Speed: Tired of waiting hours—or even days—for emails and phone-calls to be returned? With GEEK911, you’ll receive prompt, same-day attention to ensure a swift resolution to your hardware and software issues. Our expedient support personnel are even available on evenings and weekends.

Expertise: We understand that your operating systems, networks, and workstations are critical to the integrity of your data and the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. You can trust your valuable equipment and software to GEEK911. With more than seven years of experience providing small businesses with professional, results-oriented tech support, we’re always abreast of the latest cutting-edge technologies and industry developments.

Our Managed Services proactively monitor your systems, servers, workstations and network infrastructure to identify issues and address them before they cause problems for your business. Stop worrying about IT costs and start receiving the ultimate service for your entire network! Never think “what is this going to cost?” when you pick up the phone for help. Our Managed Services gives you a single monthly support cost for your ENTIRE network. This includes servers, workstations, laptops, printers, switches, routers … EVERYTHING. You simply sign up based on the amount of equipment you have to cover, pick a service plan, and begin enjoying managed IT! Our flat rate managed service plans are easy to fit into the monthly budget and help keep your IT support costs down. Here is how our Plus plan works:

  1. Our technicians installs a small software agent on your PCs and servers. This agent securely connects to our N.O.C. (Network Operations Center) that is owned and operated by GEEK911.
  2. Our technicians gather information about your software providers, Internet providers, hosting companies, etc. We become a single point of contact for all of your needs and manage all of your other vendors for you.
  3. The software agent provides instant 24×7 service monitoring information to our support staff. If your systems develop a problem or begin to develop a problem, our staff sees it almost immediately. In most cases we are able to proactively take care of issues before they become major problems for your organization.
  4. Have a question? Want help with Outlook? Adobe Acrobat? Need to add a user? Change security permissions? No problem! Our Help Desk team is ready to assist you 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Monday through Friday. We even have a special phone queue setup to ensure that your calls are answered quickly. Support for Microsoft and other included applications is provided free of charge under the terms of the plan.
  5. During off hours, we patch all of your systems to ensure the highest level of security and stability. We constantly perform routine maintenance to keep your systems running efficiently.
  6. If a major problem occurs, we notify you and begin to work on a resolution. If we cannot fix the problem via remote support, we dispatch one of our technicians for on-site support. This work is done 24×7. No matter what the time or how long it takes, we’ll work diligently to get it resolved!
  7. Our technicians will make regularly scheduled visits to your office to provide on-site training, additional support services, and additional proactive maintenance.

  8. We respond and repair all issues that come up … at no extra charge!

Plan exclusions: Additional on-site support for non-covered issues. Support for custom applications is included in our Premium plan only.

Additional services available: Monitored / Managed Anti-Virus software. Nightly imaging of any PC or server for an instant restore should a system fail.

Rather than burdening non-technical employees with these distracting tasks, let GEEK911 function as your full-service IT department. We’ll take care of all aspects of your technical needs. With a sound managed services plan in place, you and your employees will be free to focus on what’s most important—your core business!

Go ahead and give us a call at 1-866-433-5411 for additional information and a free on-site consultation.