Gary Neese

To whom it may concern,

I’ve been using GEEK911 for about 3 years.

I enjoy their wise counsel and great listening skills. When you think of it, these are attributes you’d like to see in your computer guy! Let me add a couple more.

GEEK911’s best attribute as computer guys are not their computer skills, which, by the way, they have in abundance, but their ability to explain what’s going on in plain English. No computer-geek-speak here! I (Yes, Virginia, even I!) always left our conversations with a clear understanding of what was needed and what the other possibilities were. I found this to be extremely refreshing, having had my fair share of computerese throughout the years.

And the final comment I would make is that one of GEEK911’s main strengths are their breadth of technical knowledge. This allows them to see beyond the end of a particular problem. “Hmmmm, if we do this, in about 4 months you’ll need to add this, and we might as well add that while we have your computer. BTW, I saw an article which suggests you might need to look at this as well!” In other words they looked at my computers not just as a technical problem but from the viewpoint of my business as well.